Meet the Clockmakers: Alex Hartshorn

Name: Alex Hartshorn

Role: Actor – Frieda Alexandria Hartshorn

What Excites Alex About The Clockmaker:

What excites me about The Clockmaker is that, through the phenomenal designing of the show, these very different realms come together on one stage and lead both actors and audience through a whirlwind of an adventure, and… it’s very fun.


Alex is so happy to be sharing this story of The Clockmaker. She completed her BFA in Acting at the University of Saskatchewan in 2011, and is a graduate of the Globe Theatre Actor Training Conservatory (2012), as well as the One Yellow Rabbit Devised Theatre Intensive (2014). Select theatre credits include Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Thigh High Theatre/Strikes Twice Productions/Live Five), Run for Your Wife (Magdalene Theatre), My Chernobyl (Persephone Theatre) and Pride and Prejudice and Becky’s New Car (Globe Theatre). Coming up next, Alex can be seen in A Date with the Night (Globe Theatre Sandbox).

Meet the Clockmakers: Miranda Hughes

Name: Miranda Hughes

Role: Costume Designer Saskatoon photographer

What Miranda Says When People Ask Why They Should See The Clockmaker:

It’s a story about what it means to love someone. It’s a very interesting and sweet take on life, and time- with a whole bunch of interesting twists!


Miranda Hughes is ecstatic to be doing her first costume design for a Live Five production and to be working again with Neverending Highway Productions! This summer she designed the costumes for Neverending Highway Productions’ Dr. Frightful Presents: Dead Air which toured across Canada at various Fringe Festivals. Currently she is finishing up her BFA at the University of Saskatchewan, where you can see her act in Greystone Theatre’s upcoming production Coram Boy.

Meet the Clockmakers: Chris Donlevy

Name: Chris Donlevy

Role: Sound Designer Chris Donlevy(2)

What Excites Chris About The Clockmaker:

This show immediately puts us off balance, with its wonderful blend of intrigue, humour, and tension, and never lets up. It’s a piece of writing that really drives, and I believe Saskatoon audiences will be talking about this story long after they leave the theatre.


Chris is thrilled to have worked on The Clockmaker, his second Live Five show and first as a sound designer! Chris is a BFA-Acting graduate from the University of Saskatchewan. He has designed and composed for various productions in the past. Sound credits: Saskatchewan Outdoors (Embrace Theatre/Saskatchewan Provincial Parks); Dr. Frightful Presents: DEAD AIR (Neverending Highway Productions); Bottome’s Dreame (Embrace Theatre). Performing credits: It’s A Wonderful Life (Persephone Theatre); Candide; Carmen (Opera Nuova); Stop Kiss (Embrace Theatre/Live Five); The Composer is Dead (Saskatoon Symphony); Into The Woods (Greystone Theatre). Upcoming: Two Corpses Go Dancing (Two Unruly Gentlemen/Live Five), and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Persephone Theatre).

Meet The Clockmakers: Jenna Maren

Name: Jenna Maren

Role: Set Designer Jenna Maren(1)

What Jenna Says When People Ask Why They Should See The Clockmaker:

You should see The Clockmaker for the cast! They were fantastic at the first reading and will be fantastic on show day.
What Excites Jenna most About The Clockmaker:
The characters in The Clockmaker offer the most excitement for me. They are subtle, but very rich.

Jenna has had a wonderful time working with such a talented group of artists. Recent credits: Set design for Stop Kiss (Embrace Theatre/Live Five), 2014 SaskTel Youth Tour (Persphone Theatre), La Chambre Blanche (La Troupe du Jour), and A Man A Fish (Persephone’s Deep End Series) for which she won a Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award. Upcoming : Set design for La Raccourcie (La Troupe du Jour). Special thanks to Grahame Kent and Charlie Peters for creating opportunities for Saskatoon artists.

Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Emma Thorpe

Emma Thorpe - Co-Creator/Performer

Emma Thorpe – Co-Creator/Performer

Emma Thorpe has trained as a performer at both the Randolph Academy in Toronto and the Drama Department of the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to acting, she has trained as a singer and dancer, has achieved certification as a stage combatant, and has earned Grade 8 RCM certification as a violinist – skills that will be put to use in this production. She has theatre devising experience from work with Ground Cover Theatre’s Displaced and Embrace Theatre’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Bottome’s Dreame. She has also taught drama to children at the University of Saskatchewan’s summer drama camps and with Family Service Saskatoon.

Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Creative Team: Chris Donlevy

Chris Donlevy - Co-Creator/Performer

Chris Donlevy – Co-Creator/Performer

CHRIS DONLEVY (Co-Creator/Actor) is a Saskatoon theatre artist, opera singer, musician, and graduate of the UofS Drama Department. He was last seen in Embrace Theatre’s production of Stop Kiss through Live Five at the Refinery. Chris is so pumped to be presenting a piece that will inspire kids to enjoy Saskatchewan and all it’s outdoor glory!

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
My favourite childhood memory of the outdoors is fishing at my family’s cabin up in Northern Saskatchewan. We would arrive and do our normal duties around the cabin (cleaning, organizing, unpacking, sometimes constructing!) then we would grab our tackle boxes and go fishing. Clam lake is beautiful, mostly untouched, and so far north that you could count on a long day and auroras at night. It was already beautiful and peaceful: the fishing (which is good) just added another level of serenity to the moment.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working onLost in the Woods‘Sask Outdoors?

The most challenging part for me personally has been trying to contribute what I believe to be the essence of Saskatchewan and it’s outdoors: it’s not something I think about nearly enough. It’s also something I grew up with, so I think I may just consider this amazing part of our province “business as usual” and I’ve neglected to give it the thought it deserves. Thankfully, being part of a cast that has thought about it has really helped me realize the wonder of our province!

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

Sask Outdoors is funny, it’s touching, it has live music and puppets and clever sets and audience participation— it’s been so fun to put together, and we’re bursting at the seams to share it with everyone else (kids and adults alike!). All this fun, and completely free of charge. So why not come join us outdoors?


Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Charlie Peters

Charlie Peters 4CHARLIE PETERS (Co-Creator/Director/Dramaturge) has a BFA in Acting from the U of S but works not only as an actor but also as a director of theatre and opera, playwright, dramaturge, lighting designer, and educator. In 2013 he won the SATAward for Outstanding Emerging Artist. He is the Founding Director of Embrace Theatre (, President of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, a board member of 25th Street Theatre, and a consultant for Crossing Bridges: The Saskatoon Theatre Blog (

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
I remember so many things! As a child, I spent a lot of time at Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park in the summer. My family would camp there on weekends – or for weeks at a time. I felt so much freer there than in the city. I could wander around without fear (although really, when the elk take over, it can be a bit scary). I am the fourth generation of my family to escape there for relaxation and that makes me rather proud in an odd way.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on

Chris, Emma, and Charlie improvising a scene.

Chris, Emma, and Charlie improvising a scene.

‘Sask Outdoors?

We are creating from scratch. It is both fun and scary to start with nothing but a vague idea of the route you will take, not knowing what it is you will come out with at the end. On the other hand, it has been very rewarding to let the stories people submit guide our work.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

They wrote it! It really is a story written by many, many people. It just happened to be filtered through the experiences and talents of five artists.

On another level, it will be engaging: music, puppets, gags, and poetry combine. There’s something for everyone, for all ages.

It’s free!


Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Dakota Hebert

Dakota Hebert - Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert – Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert (Co-Creator/Actor) was born and raised in Meadow Lake. Her theatre career began in Saskatchewan and has taken her across the country. Although she has seen the beauty within the other provinces, they can’t quite compare to Saskatchewan’s outdoors.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
My favourite memory would be anything on the farm. Catching frogs in the dug out with my Uncle Leonard, catching grasshoppers, fishing (I could fish forever), hopping on calves with my cousin Cole and trying to ride them for eight seconds. Bottle feeding calves. Hide-and-seek in the dark. Climbing bales.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on ‘Sask Outdoors’?

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Not getting homesick. I’m from Meadow Lake, and it is absolutely beautiful in the Spring and Summer. This is probably one of the first summers where I haven’t spent every weekend back. Don Kerr’s poems about driving and small towns make me want to cry every time I read them. They make me so homesick.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

It’s a short, fun play that is completely family-appropriate. Also, all artists involved are Saskatchewan artists, and Saskatchewan based. What a great way to promote our homegrown creators and maybe inspire a few people to pursue their dream careers.

Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Shelby Lyn Lowe

Shelby Lyn Lowe - Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager

Shelby Lyn Lowe – Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager

Shelby Lyn Lowe (Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager of Saskatchewan Outdoors: A Touring Play for Families) is a Regina-based theatre artist who received her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Regina. Select design credits include Production Design Assistant for Kaleidocycle (Globe Theatre Sandbox Series), Set and Costume Designer for The Unseen and Lookingglass (U of R), Design Assistant for Billy Bishop Goes to War, The Wizard of Oz, and Pride and Prejudice (Globe Theatre), and Costume Design Assistant for Leading Ladies (Persephone Theatre). Select stage management credits include ASM for Eurydice (U of R), ASM for Carmen (Saskatoon Opera), stage manager for Hansel and Gretel (LOOP), and ASM for The Magic Flute (Saskatoon Opera).As a lover of all things involving puppetry,

A design drawing for Saskatchewan Outdoors.

A design drawing for Saskatchewan Outdoors.

Shelby was a participant of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop Banff Puppet Intensive in January of 2014.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
Spending summers camping at Round Lake in the Qu’appelle Valley with my family but especially with my mum. I didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but now I miss those days. I would love to be able to go swimming and read on a hammock everyday.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on ‘Sask Outdoors’? 
Designing a show that needs to tour and be outside. Most theatres don’t have wind and rain to worry about.
Forest in progress

The backdrop for Saskatchewan Outdoors as it is being painted.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’?

Because it’s a show that everyone can relate to. I remember being a kid and not liking camping and being outside. I hope this show can really get kids away from their phones and computers this summer. I also hope that it will inspire more family vacations. As a person who comes from a fairly segregated family, I love seeing families that like each other and love spending time together.