Mission and Mandate

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Why “Embrace”?

In every way theatre is about coming together, whether it is the artists who come together to stage the play, or the coming together of audience and actor that is central to all embracetheatre23theatrical art. Theatre invites people to come together, to embrace one another and themselves in new ways. It is not an art that can be done in isolation.

Moreover, theatre is an art that embraces other arts. Theatre, in many ways, sits at the intersection of all art forms: the written story comes to life, music is integrated and given new purpose, the visual arts shape the theatrical space, and the human body dances with each of these in turn.

The name Embrace is also an invitation.

How do we work?

The cast and director of Bottome's Dreame.

The cast and director of Bottome’s Dreame.

Embrace Theatre works on an ensemble model. Essentially, a new company is formed for each project. This means that each group of artists organizes itself to best be able to carry out the work of that project. Though each ensemble is distinct, all Embrace Theatre Ensembles are based on the same values:

What’s our mission?

Acknowledging the communal nature of both the theatre and humanity, Embrace Theatre seeks to embrace all theatrical forms and all audiences and to invite communal discovery and joyful growth.

How do we do that?

Recognizing that different circumstances call for different methods, Embrace Theatre seeks to serve our audience by:


  1. Constantly innovating, learning, and evolving theatre practice, never being content with “how it’s always done”
  2. Reaching out to audiences in new and unique ways, meeting them on their own terms
  3. Presenting work that invites dialogue, exploration, and growth
  4. Working with a diverse and varied group of artists in ways that encourage each to bring the full breadth of their unique artistic practice and life experience into the work