Lost and Alone: A Clown’s Ordeal


Theatre SKAM – SKAMpede

A clown stumbles through the forest, completely lost. He can’t read his map. He didn’t pack survival gear… but he is far too much of a MAN to reach out for help!

This piece is an excerpt from a larger, multi-disciplinary exploration of contemporary masculinity called Many Fires which will receive it’s world premiere in January 2019 as part of Elemental at Saskatoon’s Live Five.

Lost and Alone was selected to feature as part of the Tenth Annual SKAMpede in Victoria, BC July 14th and 15th, 2018.


Created and Performed by Charlie Peters

Directed by Yvette Nolan

Stage Managed by Shelby Lyn Lowe

Clown Dramaturgy and Support by Kenn McLeod