Meet the Dreame Teame

The cast and director of Bottome's Dreame.

The cast and director of Bottome’s Dreame.

Congratulations to the Bottome’s Dreame Ensemble on their nomination for a Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Achievement in Sound Design!


Charlie Peters 4



Charlie Peters is the director/actor/playwright/lighting designer/Shakespeare geek who founded Embrace Theatre. He’s also a cyclist, a sommelier, and a lover of cooking… but not of the dishes that you’re supposed to do afterward. He is excited to return to be back at the Saskatoon Fringe where he has performed, produced, and/or directed 8 shows over the years, the first at the age of 13!  Upcoming: directing Stop Kiss by Diana Son (Live Five – March, 2014).

Charlie’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame: See his Director’s Notes by clicking here




Cheryl provides a soundscape for a scene.

Cheryl provides a soundscape for a scene.


Cheryl is an actor and a writer who has made her home in Saskatoon. She was last seen as Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Ernest at Persephone Theatre.  Cheryl has worked with various companies in the province and across the country. She was honoured with a Simpia award for best supporting actress in the film 45 RPM.  She lives with her partner Bruce McKay and two big puppies Keela and Brynn.  Bottoms up everyone!! I hope you have fun.

Cheryl’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“Bottome’s Dream is a magical romp of love, desire and laughter!”



Flute, Mustardseed


DSCF0864Chris Donlevy is pleased to be a part of his second Shakespeare production ever, his first sojourn into drag, and his second show as a 2013 BFA Acting graduate from the UofS Drama department. He’s also pleased that he can rock a dress. Recent: Carmen (Saskatoon Opera), Into the Woods (UofS Greystone).

Chris’ Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“Bottome’s Dreame is a fast-paced, hilarious, and magical abridgement of the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream featuring Bottom and the Mechanicals, and the fairy King and Queen.”


Emma headshot

Snowt, Peaseblossom


Emma Thorpe is currently studying acting in the drama department, but in all likelihood will transfer to kindergarten next year. She enjoys tree climbing and making up gibberish words to songs she knows verbatim, as well as sometimes acting in plays. By night, she is an interstellar lemur. Enjoy the show, or don’t, she isn’t the boss of you.

Emma’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“Bottome’s Dreame is strange and wonderful foray into the marriage of abstract movement work and super precise text. Also sassy fairies.”





Donovan Scheirer hails from the sprawling metropolis of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He frequently plays Eastern Europeans, or grumpy old men. Occasionally he can be seen playing grumpy old Eastern European men. With Bottome’s Dreame, DSCF0984Donovan is enjoying the opportunity to play something completely outside his character range. An ass.

Donny’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“This show has been such a fun opportunity to explore what is possible to do with music, sound and movement while working with classical text!”



Oberon, Theseus

Bio: DSCF0821

Matt Josdal makes strange voices in his closet at home recording books. On stage he does something similar, except they typically force him to wear pants. Interesting things he’s done include audiobooks like ‘The Iliad’ (Alpha DVD) and ‘Dead Rock Stars’ (Aurora Audiobooks). Recent theatre includes Farragut North (Broadway Mime/Live Five) and King Lear (Theatre Naught).

Matt’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“So, a director says, ‘Let’s take the way we rehearse Shakespeare and build a play, bust it apart, put it back together again and see what happens? While we’re at it, let’s take one of the best known plays, smash out a third of it, and see what we can come up with.’ I say, ‘Sounds like fun!’”


headshots 006

Puck, Philistrate


Elizabeth Nepjuk grew up dreaming of one day DSCF0775becoming a ballerina-football-shark. She ended up acting instead. A graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s Acting for Film & Television Program, and current student in the Drama Department at the U of S, Elizabeth plans on retiring rich at the age of 35. Upcoming: My Chernobyl (Persephone’s Season Opener).

Elizabeth’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

“Working on Bottome’s Dreame has been an actor’s dream; I’ve never felt more free to be completely creative and it’s been a wonderfully nurturing environment to have been a part of. I love being encouraged to PLAY.”


kate-small headshot

Quince, Cobweb


Kate Herriot is the daughter of a birdwatcher and a birth coach, both in love with Shakespeare. Both her parents would die happy if she would just become a playwright already but nope…she just plays one onstage. Kate works and teaches in Regina and

Saskatoon. Upcoming: Beirut (Live Five’s Season Opener).

Kate’s Description of Bottome’s Dreame:

The mechanicals plan their play.

The mechanicals plan their play.

Bottome’s Dreame is all of the spicy, dangerous, fantastical, bawdy, ridiculous parts of MSND without the lovers and their boring- ‘You don’t like me as much as I like you’ -business”.

*Member of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association

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