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The play whose name we dare not speak…

Macbeth Logo BlackA 70-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s great tragedy

Produced with support from AKA Artist-Run

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Performance Details

Performance Run: November 3rd to 15th, 2015

*Ask about our special matinee rate and other opportunities for school groups!

Performed at: AKA/Paved Events Space (424 20th Street West, Saskatoon)

Creative Team

Skye Brandon, Kate Herriot, Amberlin Hsu, Elizabeth Nepjuk, Charlie Peters, Donovan Scheirer, Emma Thorpe, Jeanine Thrasher.

Supported by the Embrace Theatre Team.

For more info on the team and production, visit our About page.


The play whose very name we dare not speak…

A 70-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s immortal tale of dark magic and deadly ambition. Performed with ease, precision, and passion, the 400-year old words rise from the page feeling fresh and alive. Desire, murder, and madness weave together, bringing a great kingdom to its knees.