Saskatchewan Outdoors: A Touring Play for Families

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Presented by Embrace Theatre

In partnership with

Saskatchewan Parks (Parks, Culture, and Sport),

 About the Project

Saskatchewan Outdoors 2014

Saskatchewan Outdoors 2014

Created based on stories submitted from around the province, the poetry of former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Don Kerr, and the outdoors experiences of a team of young professional theatre artists, each outdoor performance is followed by a theatre and puppetry workshop for children.

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Two young siblings are taken from Text vs. Outdoorstheir accustomed urban world of video games and TV for a family camping trip. Despite their initial reluctance, the wildlife, the freedom, and the glow of the campfire give them a new understanding of themselves, their family, and their world. With actors taking on multiple roles, manipulating puppets, playing instruments, singing, and telling stories, audiences of all ages will be taken on a spectacle-filled journey into the wonders of the outdoors.

The Creative Team

Charlie Peters (Co-Creator/Director/Dramaturge)

Shelby Lyn Lowe  (Co-Creator/Production Designer/Stage Manger/Puppeteer)

Emma Thorpe (Co-Creator/Performer)

Chris Donlevy (C0-Creator/Performer/Composer/Music Director)

Dakota Ray Herbert (Co-Creator/Performer)

Dakota Hebert appears with permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association.

“Prairie Sea” music and lyrics by Katie Miller

Poetry contributed by Former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Don Kerr