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Jenna Lee Awards

Jenna-Lee holding her prop award (left) and her SATAward (right)

Jenna-Lee Hyde recieved the Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Outstanding Female Performance for her portrayal of Callie in this production.

Stop Kiss was nominated for 3 other Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards in the categories of Direction (Charlie Peters), Sound Design (Gilles Zolty), and Set Design (Jenna Maren).


FINAL-stopkisshandbill-front“irresistibly exciting… a sweet, sad, and enchantingly sincere play.”  The New York Times

Through scenes alternating between present and past, Callie and Sara’s story unfolds: the two young women meet in lonely New York City; a friendship develops which blossoms into more; they finally kiss.  This unleashes a violent reaction that threatens everything. A moving, funny, inspiring play.

Why Embrace Stop Kiss?StopKiss_Archival-51

It is the perfect time to produce Stop Kiss. Over the last year, we have seen the rights of women come under heavy attack. Saskatchewan in particular has a problem: our rates of violence against women are double the national average. We have, fortunately, seen an increase in discussions of rape culture, patriarchy, and the rights of women. We have seen, however, a huge backlash against these discussions. Stop Kiss explores these topics in a manner completely devoid of preaching. It is a beautiful, human story not an essay or a moralistic rant. It offers no answers; it simply invites us to explore these issues in a personal and human way – rather than a purely philosophical or political one.

What’s Different About This Project?

Engaging in unique and more holistic ShelterCMYKColourways with our audience is central to what we are setting out to achieve. After every performance, our community partner organizations will lead an event we’re calling Afterplaya time of debriefing and chatting with your fellow audience members. This will be an informal way for audience to reflect on the performance and Avenue Centre Logoits themes, offering a chance for catharsis and deeper exploration. Moreover, our community partner organizations will be uniquely capable of furthering the discussion, as they are the ones who confront the issues of the play on a daily basis in our community.

StopKiss_Archival-43In Conclusion 

Beyond everything, Stop Kiss is a love story: a love story that encourages us to be brave, open and authentic. And that, too, is of great importance.We need to hear stories that inspire us.