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Out of the classroom and into the theatre! 
Give Saskatoon students an unforgettable learning experience! 

Embrace Theatre is seeking partners within our community to help get more students into the theatre to experience Shakespeare as it was meant to be experienced: in performance, not just on the page!

If you are interested in supporting the great work we’re doing with students, then please contact us!

What are you embracing? 

For all kinds of information about this production, visit our About page.

How can you embrace this project? 

Become a Title Sponsor for a matinee performance and allow an entire group of studnets in your community to experience the show for free.

Offer a donation, monetary or in-kind, to support the work of professional artists in your community.

Spread the word about our production!

Regardless of how you support us, you’ll end up on this page, where we celebrate those who have helped us bring Macbeth to life!