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The play whose name we dare not speak…

MACBETH-vertical-JPEGA 70-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s great tragedy

Produced with support from AKA Artist-Run

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Performance Details

Performance Run: November 3rd to 15th, 2015

1pm Matinees*: Nov 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 10th

8pm Evening Performances: Nov 4th-7th, 12th-15th

*Ask about our special matinee rate for school groups!

Performed at: AKA/Paved Events Space (424 20th Street West, Saskatoon)


The play whose name we dare not speak…

A 70-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s immortal tale of dark magic and deadly ambition. Performed with ease, precision, and passion, the 400-year old words rise from the page feeling fresh and alive. Desire, murder, and madness weave together, bringing a great kingdom to its knees.

Why embrace Macbeth

Embrace Theatre is proud to present Shakespeare’s Macbeth in this 70-minute version. The Saskatoon StarPheonix called Bottomes Dreame, our last short-form Shakespeare, “a great way to get people hooked on Shakespeare” and we want to do just that! All performances will be open to the public, and we are working with schools to give students an engaging, first-hand introduction to Shakespeare – not on the page, but live on the stage in front of them.The Duel

Our partnership with AKA Artist-Run allows us to present special discounts and other valued-added opportunities to school groups. For more information, visit our For Schools page or contact us.

Adapted and directed by Skye Brandon, a vetran of the Stratford Festival, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and an International Fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, UK, our abridged version keeps the integrity of The Bard’s writing while stripping the story down to its roots, creating a performance that is readily accesible and strikingly powerful. An exciting team of Saskatoon theatre professionals with national (and global) experience is dedicated to bringing this great tragedy to life.

Director’s Message 

“Forget what you think you know”. It’s a phrase that I’ve used more than once in rehearsal.
The Couple BloodyWith a play like this one, a lot of people will already have a general sense of who these characters are, and why they do the things that they do. However, we sometimes base those ideas on one scene, or one line, without looking at the whole. I’m hoping you’ll look at this play through a new lens, as we have done throughout rehearsals.
Although our production is abridged, I have found the process of working on this play extremely rewarding. It has been my pleasure to work with these artists, who have tried everything that I’ve suggested, and brought great ideas to the table.

Creative Team 

Directed by Skye Brandon

Fight Direction and Stage Management by Emma Thorpe

Production Design by Amberlin Hsu


Macbeth & Others – Kate Herriot

Lady Macbeth & Others – Elizabeth Nepjuk

Banquo & Others – Charlie Peters

Duncan, Macduff & Others – Donovan Scheirer

Malcom, Porter & Others – Jeanine Wildman Thrasher

With support from Artistic Associates Lauren Allen and Grahame Kent, and from the entire Embrace Theatre Team.

Special Thanks:

Iain Rose, Jordan Svenkeson, Daniel Ford Beavis, Gordon Portman, Glen and Sandra Thrasher, Bethany Jade , Tarin Hughes, Jackie Wang, Beverley Kobelsky, Harley’s Party Rentals, Lynne Higgins and Al Peters