Inspiration and Further Readings

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Further Reading

To create this show we have done a lot of research and been inspired by many things. These are some of the resources we found most useful and enlightening. We highly recommend them!

On the Rocks

Ocean by Sue Goyette – see the Goodreads Entry or Saskatoon Public Library Entry 

Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth WurtzelGoodreads or Saskatoon Public Library

Canadian Theatre Review Issue 130 – Spoken Word Performance

Lying to our Mothers by Katherine LawrenceGoodreads or Saskatoon Public Library

Many Fires

The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity and Love (book) by bell hooksGoodreads or Available at Saskatoon Public Library 

The Mask You Live In (film) – Available on Netflix 

The writings of Michael Kimmel

The writings of Raewyn Connell

Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Masculinity (book) by Carlos Andrés Gómez – Goodreads or Saskatoon Public Library