About Many Fires

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Photocredit: Angela Kemp

A young man is building a campfire. So are his Grandfather, his best friend, and his teacher. Each wants him to build the fire a certain way – but a clown and a poet have other wisdom to offer.

Created by Charlie Peters, Many Fires explores contemporary masculinity by blending the disciplines of spoken word, clown, and character monologue, set to a backdrop of projected visuals and a soundtrack of original music.

What does it mean to be a man? Does it mean anything at all? Is there such a thing as masculinity that isn’t toxic?

Presented alongside Danielle Altrogge’s On The Rocks as part of the double-bill Elemental, Many Fires asks these questions and more, offering space for exploration, healing, and growth.

Collaborators in Creation: 


Dramaturge – Yvette Nolan

Poetry – Danielle Altrogge

Clown – Kenn McLeod

Photography – Marcel Petit

Music – Gilles Zolty


Saskatchewan Arts Board

Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre

Thanks to:

Saskatchewan Arts Board, Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, AKA Artist Run, Paved Arts,Joel Bernbaum, Sum Theatre, Barbara Montalbetti, Cailin Woodward, Laura Andreas, Alan Wickstrom, Ari Avivi, David Johnson, Shelby Lyn Lowe, Karsen Marshal, Chancz Perez, Bronwyn Catherine, Jessica Iris.


All photos by Angela Kemp.