Meet Gilles Zolty, our Sound Designer

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Gilles is super excited to be working with the beautiful Stop Kiss team on his first Live Five production. Since 2007 he has composed and sound designed over 20 theatre productions. This past season Gilles worked on My ChernobylA Man A FishThe Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon (Persephone Theatre) and La Chambre Blanche (La Troupe du Jour). Gilles also has film scored several films and performs music as a solo artist.

What about this play resonates with you?
I love the fact that Stop Kiss manages to make me laugh and cry in a single breath. It’s messy, snotty and wonderful.

Having family and friends that are victims of this kind of abuse makes being part of this show intensely important and moving.
What do you do to prepare for your role (or for this production specifically)?IMG_1765
I start by drawing/scoring from the script and Director’s vision but the true possession/engagement happens with actors and the rest of the design team.
What does community engagement mean to you?
We are all a collective and being part of it is where inspiration lives.

It been wonderful sitting in a few of the after-show talks listening to people stories and perspectives in Saskatoon.

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