Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Dakota Hebert

Dakota Hebert - Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert – Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert (Co-Creator/Actor) was born and raised in Meadow Lake. Her theatre career began in Saskatchewan and has taken her across the country. Although she has seen the beauty within the other provinces, they can’t quite compare to Saskatchewan’s outdoors.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
My favourite memory would be anything on the farm. Catching frogs in the dug out with my Uncle Leonard, catching grasshoppers, fishing (I could fish forever), hopping on calves with my cousin Cole and trying to ride them for eight seconds. Bottle feeding calves. Hide-and-seek in the dark. Climbing bales.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on ‘Sask Outdoors’?

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Not getting homesick. I’m from Meadow Lake, and it is absolutely beautiful in the Spring and Summer. This is probably one of the first summers where I haven’t spent every weekend back. Don Kerr’s poems about driving and small towns make me want to cry every time I read them. They make me so homesick.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

It’s a short, fun play that is completely family-appropriate. Also, all artists involved are Saskatchewan artists, and Saskatchewan based. What a great way to promote our homegrown creators and maybe inspire a few people to pursue their dream careers.