Audition Announcement!

Embrace Theatre and Theatre Howl are remounting The Wild Dog Waits on the Concrete Path by Nathan Howe for a tour in 2018. The playwright will not be reprising his role, so we are searching for an actor (of any gender) to take on the part.

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Meet the Clockmakers: Charlie Peters

Name: Charlie Peters

Charlie Peters - Co-Creator/Director/Dramaturge

Charlie Peters

Role: Actor – Heinrich Mann

What Excites Charlie About The Clockmaker:

It’s a script that keeps you guessing. It is, at turns, romantic, funny, scary, and fascinating. It’s well-written. But it’s also performed by an amazing cast, supported by a creative team of hugely talented folks. That’s a great combination!

Charlie’s Bio:

Charlie has a BFA in Acting from the University of Saskatchewan but works in theatre not only as an actor but also as a stage director, playwright, dramaturge, lighting designer, and educator. In 2013 he won the SATAward for Outstanding Emerging Artist and was nominated in 2014 in the Outstanding Direction category for Stop Kiss (Embrace Theatre/Live Five). He has recently worked at Live Five, Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon Opera, the Saskatoon Fringe, and with the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre. He is the founding director of Embrace Theatre.

Upcoming: Lighting Designer, Two Corpses Go Dancing (Two Unruly Gentlemen/Live Five); Director, Hansel and Gretel (Saskatoon Opera in Schools).

Meet The Clockmakers: Grahame Kent

Name: Grahame Kent

Role: Actor – AdolphusGrahame Kent

What Excites Grahame About The Clockmaker:

It is never as simple as it seems!  I love a script that draws you in with its charm and apparent simplicity and then goes further and gets more complicated with each step.  It is the sign of a smart and skilled playwright and this is a great example.

Grahame’s Bio:

Grahame is delighted to be back on the Live Five stage, especially alongside such a wonderful and talented team.  He also wants to thank you for coming to see the show! For Live Five: The Edible Woman (Thigh High Theatre/Live Five) and stage manager for Love/Stories (Ball and Chain Theatre/Live Five). Other: Burt White in Dr. Frightful Presents: Dead Air (Canadian Fringe Circuit), Butch in Leading Ladies (Persephone Theatre) and Judas Iscariot in The Black Bonspiel of Wullie McCrimmon (Persephone Theatre). Grahame also sits on the board of directors for both Live Five Independent Theatre and 25th Street Theatre.


Meet the Clockmakers: Jamie Lee Shebelski

Name: Jamie Lee Shebelski Jamie Lee Shebelski

Role: Actor – Madame Pierre

What Jamie Says When People Ask Why They Should See The Clockmaker:

It’s a lovely story, with a bit of mystery to keep you guessing.  Plus, there’s cuckoo clocks!

Jamie’s Bio:

Previous shows with Live Five include The Science of Disconnection (RiverCity Theatre Co-op), It’s All True, Scorched Ice, and The Coronation Voyage (Last Exit Theatre). Other select theatre credits include: The Importance of Being Earnest (Persephone Theatre/WCT); Velocity (Persephone Theatre); Hamlet (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan); Gordon Winter (Persephone Theatre/National Arts Centre); The Alchemist (Dancing Sky Theatre); Perfect Pie (Nakai Theatre); Merlin (Western Canada Theatre); Silence (Northern Light Theatre); and Lig & Bittle (Concrete Theatre/YPT). Jamie Lee received a SATAward for Outstanding Achievement in Performance for her 2009/2010 Body of Work. She is a proud graduate of Ryerson Theatre School in Toronto and Canada’s National Voice Intensive.


Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Emma Thorpe

Emma Thorpe - Co-Creator/Performer

Emma Thorpe – Co-Creator/Performer

Emma Thorpe has trained as a performer at both the Randolph Academy in Toronto and the Drama Department of the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to acting, she has trained as a singer and dancer, has achieved certification as a stage combatant, and has earned Grade 8 RCM certification as a violinist – skills that will be put to use in this production. She has theatre devising experience from work with Ground Cover Theatre’s Displaced and Embrace Theatre’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Bottome’s Dreame. She has also taught drama to children at the University of Saskatchewan’s summer drama camps and with Family Service Saskatoon.

Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Creative Team: Chris Donlevy

Chris Donlevy - Co-Creator/Performer

Chris Donlevy – Co-Creator/Performer

CHRIS DONLEVY (Co-Creator/Actor) is a Saskatoon theatre artist, opera singer, musician, and graduate of the UofS Drama Department. He was last seen in Embrace Theatre’s production of Stop Kiss through Live Five at the Refinery. Chris is so pumped to be presenting a piece that will inspire kids to enjoy Saskatchewan and all it’s outdoor glory!

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
My favourite childhood memory of the outdoors is fishing at my family’s cabin up in Northern Saskatchewan. We would arrive and do our normal duties around the cabin (cleaning, organizing, unpacking, sometimes constructing!) then we would grab our tackle boxes and go fishing. Clam lake is beautiful, mostly untouched, and so far north that you could count on a long day and auroras at night. It was already beautiful and peaceful: the fishing (which is good) just added another level of serenity to the moment.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working onLost in the Woods‘Sask Outdoors?

The most challenging part for me personally has been trying to contribute what I believe to be the essence of Saskatchewan and it’s outdoors: it’s not something I think about nearly enough. It’s also something I grew up with, so I think I may just consider this amazing part of our province “business as usual” and I’ve neglected to give it the thought it deserves. Thankfully, being part of a cast that has thought about it has really helped me realize the wonder of our province!

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

Sask Outdoors is funny, it’s touching, it has live music and puppets and clever sets and audience participation— it’s been so fun to put together, and we’re bursting at the seams to share it with everyone else (kids and adults alike!). All this fun, and completely free of charge. So why not come join us outdoors?


Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Dakota Hebert

Dakota Hebert - Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert – Co-Creator/Performer

Dakota Hebert (Co-Creator/Actor) was born and raised in Meadow Lake. Her theatre career began in Saskatchewan and has taken her across the country. Although she has seen the beauty within the other provinces, they can’t quite compare to Saskatchewan’s outdoors.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
My favourite memory would be anything on the farm. Catching frogs in the dug out with my Uncle Leonard, catching grasshoppers, fishing (I could fish forever), hopping on calves with my cousin Cole and trying to ride them for eight seconds. Bottle feeding calves. Hide-and-seek in the dark. Climbing bales.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on ‘Sask Outdoors’?

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Dakota teaches children about puppets.

Not getting homesick. I’m from Meadow Lake, and it is absolutely beautiful in the Spring and Summer. This is probably one of the first summers where I haven’t spent every weekend back. Don Kerr’s poems about driving and small towns make me want to cry every time I read them. They make me so homesick.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’? 

It’s a short, fun play that is completely family-appropriate. Also, all artists involved are Saskatchewan artists, and Saskatchewan based. What a great way to promote our homegrown creators and maybe inspire a few people to pursue their dream careers.

Meet Curtis Peeteetuce, our Detective Cole in Stop Kiss

“Prepping for this role was a bit of a challenge, which I love, for such challenges can only make us better artists in the long run.”

Curtis Peeteetuce

BiographyCurtis Peeteetuce(1)

Curtis is Cree from the Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation.  Since 2001, he has had the honour of working with many talented artists in theatre, radio drama, music and film. Selected highlights include Persephone Theatre (A History of Breathing, Bannock Republic), SNTC (Where The Blood MixesThunderstick), CBC (Out in the Cold, Red Moon) and Rabbit Fall, season 2.  Curtis is the recipient of the 2012 Saskatoon & Area Theatre Award for Outstanding Male Performance.  He dedicates all his efforts and accomplishments to his beautiful son Mahihkan.  Special thanks to family and friends for years of support!

What about this play resonates with you?Giving Direction

I am quite fond of the storytelling style. Any piece of work which dares to tell the story in an unorthodox fashion – particularly beginning, middle, end – is of particular interest to me. I’m very happy to be working on this piece with this team of artists. 

What do you do to prepare for a role (or this role specifically)?

As an Aboriginal actor, I am usually cast in roles which reflect my ethnicity or look. These roles I am quite adept at preparing for, as I have a strong sense of identity, culture and language. In Stop Kiss I play a New York detective, which I know nothing about. Prepping for this role was a bit of a challenge, which I love, for such challenges can only make us better artists in the long run.

What does community engagement mean to you?

Community engagement is about opportunity and acknowledgment. Opportunity for storytelling, sharing, dialogue and collaboration. As a theatre artist I am not classically or ‘Westernly’ trained. In one sense this is a detriment, for I have little knowledge about classical theatre and its pedagogy or its great artists. On the other hand, I feel I contribute a valid and important perspective to the arts in our community. That inevitably opens the door for acknowledgment about the diverse forms of artistic expression within our discipline.

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