Meet the Saskatchewan Outdoors Team: Shelby Lyn Lowe

Shelby Lyn Lowe - Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager

Shelby Lyn Lowe – Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager

Shelby Lyn Lowe (Co-Creator/Designer/Stage Manager of Saskatchewan Outdoors: A Touring Play for Families) is a Regina-based theatre artist who received her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Regina. Select design credits include Production Design Assistant for Kaleidocycle (Globe Theatre Sandbox Series), Set and Costume Designer for The Unseen and Lookingglass (U of R), Design Assistant for Billy Bishop Goes to War, The Wizard of Oz, and Pride and Prejudice (Globe Theatre), and Costume Design Assistant for Leading Ladies (Persephone Theatre). Select stage management credits include ASM for Eurydice (U of R), ASM for Carmen (Saskatoon Opera), stage manager for Hansel and Gretel (LOOP), and ASM for The Magic Flute (Saskatoon Opera).As a lover of all things involving puppetry,

A design drawing for Saskatchewan Outdoors.

A design drawing for Saskatchewan Outdoors.

Shelby was a participant of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop Banff Puppet Intensive in January of 2014.

1. What is your favourite childhood memory about being outdoors in Saskatchewan?
Spending summers camping at Round Lake in the Qu’appelle Valley with my family but especially with my mum. I didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but now I miss those days. I would love to be able to go swimming and read on a hammock everyday.
2. What has been the most challenging part about working on ‘Sask Outdoors’? 
Designing a show that needs to tour and be outside. Most theatres don’t have wind and rain to worry about.
Forest in progress

The backdrop for Saskatchewan Outdoors as it is being painted.

3. Why should audiences see ‘Sask Outdoors’?

Because it’s a show that everyone can relate to. I remember being a kid and not liking camping and being outside. I hope this show can really get kids away from their phones and computers this summer. I also hope that it will inspire more family vacations. As a person who comes from a fairly segregated family, I love seeing families that like each other and love spending time together.

Meet Laura Andreas, our Stage Manager for Stop Kiss

BiographyLaura Andreas(1)

Laura is excited to be working with Embrace Theatre on her first Live Five show. This spring, she will receive her BA in Drama from the University of Saskatchewan. Her previous credits include stage manager for Don’t Panic (Dibley Theatre) as well as assistant stage manager for Angel in the House (International Virginia Woolf Conference) and Love of the Nightingale (Greystone Theatre). Next up for Laura is stage managing Short Cuts Ten-Minute Play Festival (Hardly Art Theatre).

What about this play resonates with you?
Stop Kiss is a love story, not all that different from any other. A friendship that develops into something more: awkward moments, hesitant subtext-filled conversations and a first kiss. Difference is it’s not just any other love story. Stop Kiss is beautiful and tragic in equal measure.
What do you do to prepare for a role (or this role specifically)? 20140316_135134
I prepare by getting organized and making lists, so many lists. Also sticky notes, sticky notes are my friend.
What does community engagement mean to you? 

Theatre is a social experience. It isn’t meant to be forgotten as soon as the curtain call finishes and the audience gets up from their seats. Community engagement means continuing the conversation after the final curtain is drawn. It is this formal (or informal) connection to the community that brings wider attention to the issues of a play.

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