The Wild Dog Waits On The Concrete Path

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a fish-out-of-water story – about a dog in a school 

by Nathan Howe

1. ROAD Wild_dog_archival-34

A co-production with Theatre Howl

Written by Nathan Howe
Directed and dramaturged by Charlie Peters

Illustration and Visuals Design by Brittany Lloyd


WORLD PREMIERE took place at the 2015 Vancouver Fringe Festival followed by two performances in Saskatoon.

Stay tuned for dates and locations of our 2018 tour.

About the Play

The town is overgrown by forest. The school is in a cage. Now a wild dog has figured out how to get through the fence… what have I gotten myself into?

One versatile performer and three chalkboards tell a goofy and heartwarming story about a 23-year old principal in Northern Saskatchewan.

“Don’t miss it… this one is a must-see.” (Plank Magazine, Vancouver)

Written by Nathan Howe, the award-winning creator of Matchstick and Aiden Flynn Lost His Brother So He Makes Another.